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Northern Exposure

May 1, 2011

Curious about my neighbors to the north?  Seoul is only about 40 miles away from the North Korean border.   Even though it is so close, it actually does feel quiet far.  K-pop stars or Samsung’s newest gadget is usually the daily topic of discussion for most Koreans, not the issues with North Korea.  The other day I was recommended a great documentary on North Korea and for anyone interested on what it is like inside the world’s most secretive nation, I would really recommend this one.   And for those of you who couldn’t tell the difference between the two countries, it’s time to watch and educate yourself.  The differences between North and South Korea are really like night and day, and it is really interesting to see how the same people can be changed so drastically due to effects of political motives and instability.  In this documentary, Lisa Ling goes undercover in North Korea for 10 days  posing as a doctor on a medical trip.  The whole thing is interesting, and I found the ending very powerful.   It is hard to even grasp what happens there  and the reality (or brainwashing) these people live in.

So there is not too much of a point blabbering about my knowledge (and lack there of) on North Korea…just watch.

The link below will allow you to watch the whole thing for free.

Last note:  For those of you out there that get very and worried for my safety after watching this, or have been worried before, I can tell you please don’t fret.    Seoul is a very safe place to live and and it is very unlikely that something will erupt in the time that I am here, however long that is.   Also, the American media exaggerates many of the current conflicts between the North and South making people feel as if war will soon break out, when really no one is too worried.  Overall, the nice and comfortable  life I am able to have living in South Korea really does out-way the negatives of living next to…. crazy communist brainwashing neighbors.

Hope you enjoy this documentary as much as I did!  Its fascinating.

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