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More Crazy Korean Cafes: Dogs and Dr. Fish.

June 20, 2011

Friday night a few friends came with me to experience and document some of Seoul’s strange cafes. Given that I had already been to the cat cafe, it was time to check out the dog cafe and also the infamous “Dr. Fish”.


Bauhaus is a dog cafe located in Hongdae, the university area here in Seoul.  A bunch of different dogs “live” there, but people can also bring in their own dogs to the cafe for short periods of time to play with the other dogs.  I’m not too sure if these dogs like living in a cafe….but they definitely get a lot of attention from all the customers coming in.  You can even buy treats to give the dogs.  Most of the dogs seem pretty fat, happy and lazy.

Dogs and drinks

Treats for high fives!

Oh yea, and there is ONE cat.  It overseas all the funny business

Happy lazy dogs

Here is a video showing what it is like!

Dr. Fish

The infamous Dr. Fish.  I had heard about it, and even though the thought of it freaks me out I had to try it.   You put your feet into a pool of fish, and these particular little fish eat the dead skin off them.  These little cleaner fish are supposed to make your feet nice and soft…if you have the willpower to keep your feet in long enough.  We went to “The Foot Shop” which was more of  a spa, but  most of these places are in cafe-like settings, where you buy a beverage and let your feet dangle in a pool of little fishies.

If you have ever gone snorkeling with me then you know that when the fish get too close I scream bloody murder through the snorkel, so the thought of fish intentionally touching me was tough.  Once you put your feet in, the fish come and start doing their work.  It feels like a bunch of little vibrations.  Here is a video showing the experience, and how awful I thought it was!  Some of my friends were actually able to do it for much longer, and one friend even almost enjoyed it!

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