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Bizarre Foods Malaysia: Durian Fruit

August 29, 2011

It dwells in the hawker stalls of Southeast Asian urban jungles.  You can smell it before you approach.  It has spines coming out of its skin.  Many refer to its existence as offensive. 

To some, this thing is a monster.  To others, it’s just a durian fruit.   Having heard such extreme things about this tropical Southeast Asian fruit (and the fact that it is actually banned in some hotels and taxi cabs), I had to find out for myself.  Was it really as bad as so many people say?  Or is it just an acquired taste that can possibly be appreciated?

While riding our motorbike down winding jungle roads of Penang Island, Britt and I decided it was an appropriate time to stop off at a durian stand and try the forbidden fruit.  

Below is a video of the tasting.

A little underwhelming, huh?  Well, for such a bad reputation I expected a little more of a reaction myself.  Are we just weird and didn’t mind it?  Was it semi-out of season and not as pungent?  These things I cannot answer.

In our opinion it really wasn’t too bad.  You may have heard me give a slight ‘gag’ in the middle of the video, but that comes from the fact that a fruit was being related to cheese.   In my opinion, only cheese should taste like cheese….and that IS kinda gross.  Besides that, Southeast Asian folk,….eat your durian where ever you like!  Wave your durian high and don’t be constricted by the discrimination your fruit faces! 

 Be proud of your indigenous tree cheese.

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