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‘Theme Parks’: Korean Style

September 21, 2011

Korea is a strange place.  And when I thought it couldn’t feel stranger, I found myself roaming through a park dedicated to nothing other than…penis.  Yes, Korea has an entire park dedicated to the male genitalia.  Phallic statues big and small cover the park grounds known as “Haesindang Park” on Korea’s east coast.

Legend has it that a young virgin girl was swept into the sea and drowned.  After the event, the local fishermen started having problems catching any fish.  Of course, they assumed it was from the death of the virgin girl.  They decided the only logical solution was to build a park full of penis statues.   After the completion of Haesingdang Park, it is said that the soul of the young virgin found peace, and the sea resumed providing fish to the village.

We visited the park during a road trip that took us all the way down the east coast of the country.  No trip passing the town of Samcheok would have been complete without a visit to this park.

Here are a few pictures of the park taken on a very wet day on Korea’s east coast.

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