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Blog Hiatus, whoopsies!

April 17, 2012

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus on blogging recently.  This is due to a combination of excuses, but I hope to start-up again.  Being that I’m on my second contract/year in Korea now, all the strange and weird things about living here can start to seem very normal.  Weird is just a regular (and sometimes draining) part of the day, but I haven’t had too much motivation or ability to put it into words.  I’m hoping to turn this around and document the strange/weird/interesting things about living in Asia.

My tone may be a bit more cynical this time around;  maybe this is a side effect of being here a while now.  ‘Fish out of water’, ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’ and things getting ‘lost in translation’ all describe the daily rhythms of this expat life.

So over the next year, I hope to keep up documenting my experience  in hopes that someone out there enjoys it/connects with it/connects with me even though I’m far away….whatever it may be (or whatever the purpose of this blog is).  And I also plan on documenting the other travels I hope to take.  I have big dreams of a long trip when I finish my contract in February.  When times get rough, and Korea tugs at my patience…taking some of the money I’ve earned and traveling will be *the light at the end of the tunnel* 🙂

A real post coming soon.

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